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About the Lab

  • May 2008: Imperial College Press Release: "Mosquito genes affecting malaria transmission in Africa revealed" (html)
  • June 2007: Imperial College Press Release: "Revealed: mosquito genes that could be controlling the spread of killer viruses" (html)
  • April 2006: news@nature: "Fotis Kafatos, chairman, scientific council of the European Research Council" (html)
  • March 2006: Video interview with Fotis Kafatos at Johns Hopkins University
  • December 2005: news@nature: "Chairman explains Europe's research council" (html)
  • December 2005: ERC press release: Chairman and officers of ERC Scientific Council announced (pdf)
IC press release: Kafatos to chair ERC (html)
  • December 2005: IC press release: Mosquito mission - hunting for the genetic key to wiping out malaria (html)
  • April 2005: EMBL Etcetera Newsletter: From insect immunity to science and society: An interview with outgoing Director-General Fotis C. Kafatos (html)
  • March 2004: Promising lead in malaria fight (html)
  • March 2004: SABC News: Mozzies against malaria (html)
  • March 2004: Medical News Today: Mosquitoes vs. malaria: How we can win the fight (html)
  • March 2004: Science and Development Network: Protecting mosquitos offers path to malaria control (html)
  • March 2004: EMBL press release: Mosquitoes vs. Malaria: How we can win the fight (html/pdf)
  • January 2004: EMBL press release: A leading example of innovation in European Science (html/pdf)
  • 2003: EMBL research report: What can mosquito and fly genomes tell us about malaria? (pdf)
  • December 2003: The Scientist interviewing Fotis Kafatos (html)
  • November 2003: Prof. Fotis C. Kafatos, Director-General of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), becomes a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (html)
  • October 2002: EMBL press release: Scientists decode genomes of mosquito and malaria parasite (pdf)

About Malaria