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Past members of the lab

Lab Alumni (incomplete list)

Agianian, Bogos, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow) - now faculty at Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandropolis, Greece
Barillas-Mury, Carolina V., MD, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 1994-1998) - now faculty at the LMVR, USA.
Barrio, Rosa, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 1996-2000)
Blandin, Stephanie, PhD (PhD student 2000-2004) - now at the EMBL, Heidelberg and in Strasbourg
Blass, Claudia (Technician 1996-2005) - now Technician at the DKFZ Heidelberg
Borkova, Dana, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2003)
Clayton, John Randall (Technician) - now graduate student at Johns Hopkins University
Cohuet, Anna, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2005) - now at IRD, Montpellier
Dimopoulos, George, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 1996-2001) - now faculty at Johns Hopkins University
Danielli, Alberto, PhD (PhD student 1997-2001)
Doherty, Dolores (Technician -2005)
Green, David (Personal Assistant)
Kriventseva , Evgenia, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 2004-2005) - now at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, University of Geneva
Koutsos, Anastasios, PhD (PhD Student 2002-2007)
Lycett, Gareth, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2004) - now at School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool
Levashina, Elena, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2004)
Lombardo, Fabrizio (Postdoctoral fellow 2007-2009)
Loukeris, Thanasis, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 1997-2001) - now group leader at the IMBB in Crete
Meister, Stephan, PhD (PhD student 2002-2006) - now Postdoctoral Fellow in the Winzeler lab at the Scripps in San Diego, USA
Mendes, Antonio
Michel, Kristin, PhD - now at KSU
Moita, Luis, PhD (PhD student 1998-2002) - now at MIT
Mueller, Hans-Michael, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2005) - now faculty at Heidelberg University
Mike Osta, PhD - now at AUB
Pinto, Sofia, PhD
Michael Povelones, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 2006-2013) - now group leader at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Rankin, Moira (PA to Fotis and George, 2008-2009)
Relógio, Angela, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow 2004-2005) - now at the Genomics Core Facility at EMBL, Heidelberg
Redmond, Seth - now at Institut Pasteur
Rusten, Tor-Eric, PhD - (PhD student 1997-2001) - now Postdoc at the Stenmark lab at the Oslo University
Schlegelmilch, Timm
Schnitger, Anna
Timo Tiirikka, (VectorBase Developer)
Turlure, Fanny
Volz, Jennifer, PhD (PhD student 2000-2005) - now postdoc in the Cowman lab at the WEHI, Melbourne, Australia
Wang-Sattler, Rui, PhD (PhD student and Postdoctoral fellow -2005) - now at the Steinmetz lab at EMBL, Heidelberg
Sultana, Sultana (Research support Manager, 2005-2009)
Waterhouse, Robert - PhD student 2005-09 now at the University of Geneva
Zdobnov, Evgeny, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow -2005) - now Faculty at the University of Geneva

Past Visitors (incomplete list)

Belyakin, Stepan (2004)
Dushay, Mitchell, PhD (2004)
Jaubert, Stephanie - (Nov 2005 - May 2006)
Karras, Marianna - (Nov.-Dec., 2001)
Kole, Ido - (Nov 2001- Jan.,2002)
Martinéz Barnetche, Jesús - National Institute of Public Health, Mexico (August 2007)
Pindyurin, Alexey
Shiao, Shin-Hong
Ton, Lucas - (Jun.-Dec.,2001)

Past Students (incomplete list)

Saira Hussain (Final year undergraduate, May-June 2008)
Wilson Tan (Final year undergraduate, May-June 2008)
Armson, Rebecca (Imperial MSc student May-Aug. 2006)
Charlafti, Ilias-Georgia - (Oct.-Dec.,2001)
Dimitrakis, Polychronis - (Oct.-Dec.,2001)
Downs, Louise (May-June 2006)
Martin, Estelle (2005)
Shaw, Alex (Imperial MSc student June-Sept. 2006)
Sousa Figueiredo, Jose C (May-June 2006)
Waldock, Joanna (Imperial MSc student Feb-April 2006)
Zdanowicz, Agnieszka (2004)